Keep Calm and Quit it



I just posted that poster, you know, like agreeing with it. People DO keep remaking that poster. You know that, probably, if you have a Tumblr.

Why do I assume everyone has Tumblr? 

So I was like, ‘man, I should provide some context for that poster, because like, without context something like that just makes people wonder what you’re trying to do since they only give like six websites a day a click, and for some reason they still have your website in their bookmarks folder marked “Daily.” ‘

That’s what I’m going to do.

In 2012 and even before that probably, people started remaking this poster. The original said something like “Keep Calm and Take Drugs.” No, it couldn’t have been that, because that’s not even true - the other way around, sure.

Anyway, the first poster struck some random guy as funny for some reason, and that person opened some program that allows you to paste images and type words and save the output of the work you did into the same kind of file as the one you opened up. The file is an image, and the program is Photoshop.

Listen, I’m trying to provide some context here, but it’s hard. How the hell else am I supposed to explain .jpgs to a guy from a thousand years from now?

Other questions I have: 

  • What if they don’t have .jpgs in the future? Violinists will have to figure out another way to plug their f-holes.
  • What if, in the future, every file was the same file format and was opened by the same program? 
  • What if, in the future, people didn’t open programs to run robots, but robots running programs opened people?

Back (not at all, really) on track:

I hear the Singularity has been pushed up a couple decades to 2020, which only leaves me about 8 years to make anything of the world before it’s taken over by the nanotech (that will, at that time, will be) running our bodies and we all become the machines John Connor always feared.

Notice I didn’t say do something with myself, I said with the world. I don’t know, I guess the internet gives me that power now. I can (and you can, or you, you over there, behind the guy using the computer, can) make or do something today that will affect the world tomorrow and possibly for the rest of humanity’s time as humans.

When we’re robots though I don’t think we’ll care. Because emotions.

Slow clap.*

* - indicates an item the author intends for the reader to act out


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