To see humanity and not want to study it is like finding the only planet in the the universe capable of life and thinking it’s unimportant.

The reason people care if God exists or doesn’t exist is because we humans are / have created some really cool stuff.

Consciousness. Language. Art. Philosophy. Science. Reason. 

"The estimated number of animals on our planet falls somewhere in the vast range of 3-30 million species (Erwin 1983, Wolosz 1988).

Which means that homo sapiens is the only one of 3 or 30 million things to have figured a specific thing out, which is like winning the intellectual lottery.

It’s clear dogs and cats think at some level, but doesn’t seem to be based on goals, or long-term desires. Is a dog diabolic? No. Their behavior is predictable. Here are  incomprehensibly complex things that still aren’t able to function at the level of humanity.  

And writers, especially science fiction writers, seem to operate under the assumption that humanity is just one of a very large group of conscious, intelligent, technologically capable species throughout the universe. Since space travel is a proven possibility, wouldn’t it make sense that in the 14 billion years leading up to Man, some equally complex life-form elsewhere would have spit up a better answer to tackle the same proven possibility?

But what if there are no aliens? 

We’ve had no explicit evidence so it actually is possible we are the first ones doing any of this. Maybe we’re the first ones accelerating toward an exponential eventuality, of which there is little to expect. Wouldn’t it be nice to ask another celestial society about their singularity?

"So, how was it?"

"Robots are my blood but it doesn’t hurt as bad as you think it might."

With no evidence, I have to act as if humanity is the single-most important thing ever created, and therefore as though every thing humanity creates as a stone’s throw further in importance. Which means you, reading this, have the potential to be the most important thing that ever happened in the universe, ever. 

Doesn’t that excite you?