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With NanoWriMo coming up again, and with a weak commitment to “do it” again this year, I’ve decided to give myself a few pointers. You can take some of them, or whatever.

Theme: Let’s go beyond “good writing” and start seeking artistry.

  • Know what you like.
  • Practice what you like.
  • Read what you don’t like.
  • Challenge yourself to come up with something different than everything you don’t like.
  • Start writing for real.

If you do these things and they don’t like your work, it can only be for lack of taste. You are an author, your job is to not be mediocre. Your job is to do the best damn job you can, because a book is supposed to be good. You cannot defile the position of authorship, or sully the magic of opening a book and having it be everything you thought a book should be.

Now dammit, write.